As I was lying on the floor, legs over the top of the bed, clothes strewn next to me and cum dripping out of my pussy and down my ass, I realized that only an hour before I had been in tears. I had disappointed "Sir" and I was devistated to the point of just giving up because I had failed.

All day I had been trying to wrap my head around inviting a friend over to "see what happens". It wasn't that I wouldn't be with someone else because "Sir" asked me to, it was because it was someone I know. No matter how I rationalize it, I was saying no. By the time the evening came around I spoken to "Sir" about it several times during the day and finally when some text messages were exchanged I just shut down. I stopped answering my text's, curled up in a ball and the tears came. A few minutes later the phone call came, I don't remember what was said I was so inside myself. "Sir" had told me several times during the day that I hadn't let him down but I didn't believe him, I could hear it in his voice. So I tried harder to give a little more but finally I just cracked like a china doll. When he called he tried to reassure me that I wasn't disappointing, his tone sounded different and I knew that he was telling me the truth. He was sorry he had pushed me so hard.

He started talking to me and as I became calmer he began to ask me questions - what was I wearing? was I wet?
how did I feel not being able to cum today? The way he asks feels very matter of fact and as he asking I'm getting wetter and wetter. "Sir" told me I better calm down because remember you can't cum today. But he doesn't stop talking asking me more questions - did I want him to fuck me? did I want to suck his cock? yes yes yes! By this time I had worked myself up and was rubbing against the crotch of my jeans. Then he says then you may cum, I heard the shock in my voice saying What? I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. So I asked him to repeat it and then I begged him to let me take my clothes off. He made me take all my clothes off and lie down on the bed face down.

I was pretty much ready to go and go I did, over and over I begged him to let me cum. Then when I thought I was done he said no and made me straddle the corner of the bed and fuck it like I wanted him to fuck me. I humped that bed begging to cum again and again. "Sir" telling me to imagine he was fucking me from behind with my hands restrained with handcuffs and a stranger he had brought with him was under me. The woman who came with him was fingering my clit and licking my nipples. "Sir" told me to kiss her like I wanted to kiss him as he pulled my restrained arms back. After cumming again I was spent my body couldn't stay on the bed any longer so I fell to the floor and put my legs up on the bed. I told "Sir" that I wanted him to fuck me hard and he asked me who my master was, who dominated me - I moaned loudly you are my "Master" as I came again pinching my nipple and rubbing my swollen clit. This happened a couple of more times, leaving me exhausted and wanting to feel his cock inside me even more.

"Sir" made sure I had calmed down and I thanked him for breaking the rule and allowing me to cum. He told me he didn't need to make me wait 4 days to feel powerful, for that I am grateful.

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