Missing him

I heard from "T" around 2am, they had arrived in TN safe and sound. It wasn't until I rolled over to go back to sleep that it hit me, he wasn't there and I wouldn't be seeing him until Tuesday (good weather prevailing). Yesterday as I had gone out to pick up my daughter I went to put on my jacket and thought of him. I couldn't get the darn thing on and wondered where he was when I needed him. The thought of him grabbing a hand full of my hair yesterday when I was cumming keeps flashing through my mind. All I am left with is the thoughts of what he has talked about eventually incorporating into our lives...more bondage (even taking a class together), fucking his princess-slut-whore anytime he wants - not even caring if I cum, more spanking (when there are no kids around - which doesn't happen often), getting me a collar, making me sleep in wrist cuffs, attaching me to the bed (the fantasy bed he wants), etc.

After Nilla's story The Symbol, I also keep thinking of the tattoo I want on the back of my neck, marking me as his. All of these things make me wet and flushed with no outlet. The night before "T" left after he had made me cum, I was lying in bed and rubbing my breast. Not touching the nipple just tracing the outline of the whole and he asked me what I was doing - I was just rubbing myself. He reminded me that I was not allowed to touch myself for any sexual pleasure - I assured him it was not for pleasure. Really I had just been lost in thought - I asked him to clarify - was I allowed to touch myself - yes but not in a sexual way. I guess I must have missed that rule. So today I am painfully aware of not being able to touch myself in anyway. 

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