Yesterday "T" and spoke on the phone for a while and one of the things he said to me was I want to hear from you, I don't want you to think that I feel you are needy. So please text me, call me or write me anytime you feel like it, I laughed because earlier that morning when I didn't have my glasses on and I was pressing buttons on my phone to call my son I accidentally called "T". When I realized what I had done I immediately hung up and sent him a text message apologizing for the calling by mistake. So I thought it was very nice of him to say that to me, making me feel comfortable enough that if I wanted to reach out I could. He also told me that whenever I greet him I am to kiss him (one of my first rules to remind me that I am his). After this I thought about "T" and knew that he was different than the other men I had met, he was special. So I wrote him an email.

"T", I like you in a different way than the other men that I have come across, we seem to have the same principals for a relationship and that is what I have been looking for.
As you know by now it would be very simple for you get me to play with you or even sleep with you. But I would like to wait until (and that's if we both wanted it) a monogamous commitment is made. At that time I would no longer communicate with others or pursue any type of outside relationship while we were together and would expect from my partner.

I hope you understand and I would like to hear your thoughts.

His response:

I totally agree with what you have said.  I am no longer looking or talking to any others.   I canceled a date I had tonight and I will be closing my collar me account today.  So when I sleep with someone again it will be you.  So I am not looking anymore nor sleeping, playing or corresponding  with anyone else and hope to have the same from you.   Its the only way we can figure out if this is right  for us both and I feel it is, we have to concentrate on each other.
   That said I have no intention of sleeping with you anytime soon even though as of now I am monogamous to  you in all ways.   I have already thought about it happening around the first or on the first but I want the first time to be a night we sleep together all night.   That said I will  touch you, kiss, fondle, grope, maybe see you naked,make you orgasm, etc as it feels right if it is before then or not. Most likely it will be.     But you have my word I will not try to have sex  with you before the first.  Maybe longer it will just depend on how much I am enjoying teasing you over this hunger I have to screw your brains out cause you are so damn sexy and beautiful.   I like the idea of courting you and being devoted just to you and just letting stuff happen.    I will be getting an std test around the middle of month to make sure everything is clean.   I have no reason to think its not, but just want to make sure.   If you want to do one with me you can and I will pay for it. 

I was very touched by his response and last night after I got home I removed "the ad" and have stopped communicating with anyone else. I am committed to finding out where this is going to lead us. He also told me with no judgement that he was enjoying my blog, enjoying finding out about my thoughts and that makes me feel good (relieved). He also told me the other day I was not allowed to cum. We are going to lunch together today, I can't wait to see him.

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  1. Good for you.

    the irony of me praising your choice to be monogamous must be amusing (considering my own recent journey) --

    But your situation is different from ours as we have been talking as friends for months.

    but being able to concentrate on each other -- without looking over each other's shoulder to see if someone more interesting has walked into the room -- this is a smart idea.