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I felt very overwhelmed and vulnerable yesterday. It seems when it rains it pours and men were just leaking from the ceiling. I didn't want to go on my date today - I wanted to wrap myself up in a blanket and lie in bed. But I know that would be a mistake so I pulled myself together and  moved forward. So my date with "E" was a simple coffee date, he was late and he was short. I have this thing where I am not attracted to short men (he was a good 3 inches shorter than me, I'm 5'7"), but there was more he was slightly effeminate and looked nothing like his picture. So this time I was prepared, my friend called me 45 min into the date and I had my excuse that I had to go. So we said goodbye and I went off to run errands (which I really had to do).

When I got home I started dinner and turned on the computer. There had been this one guy "T" that I hadn't been able to connect with so I responded to his message. "T's" original email had stated that he was into 1950's house and walking hand in hand. I wondered why he was telling me about his 1950's house (remember I am truly a blonde under this brown hair), it wasn't until later I realized that it was the type of relationship he wanted. I had asked him originally what the walking hand and hand was and he had sent me a link, turned out to be very similar to The Surrendered Wife. I believe in the practices of surrendering in a relationship and had even turned a friend on to it years ago.

"T" and I finally hooked up on google chat and the questions went back and forth (that quite frankly I am getting so tired of). The usual stuff kids, jobs, sexual preferences, etc. Real quick I asked him how tall he was, thinking of before, he replied 5'6", oh god another one. The he asked me if I wanted to get together for coffee - today. I was still dressed had on my make up so I thought what the hell, so we arranged to meet in a couple of hours (at the same place) 7pm. As I was leaving I text my friend and told her to call me 45 min into the date and then I joked and said if you want to meet me there we'll go shopping afterwards, I told her that I thought he was short but he had some good qualities and I was curious. So I showed up first, sat down and then he came in the door.

He had a great smile, well built, looked very close to his picture. He bought me some tea and we sat down to talk. We talked about our kids, dating, ex's and before I knew it my girlfriend was coming through the door. I laughed and greeted her and while she was getting coffee I confessed my plan to him, telling him how she was my "out" of our date and about my earlier date, he laughed and probably thought I was crazy. I also told him how I was sorry she had come because I was enjoying myself. "T" must have been enjoying himself also because he said you go shopping with your friend and then we'll go to the movies. Turned out she ended up leaving and we went to dinner, movie and shakes afterwards, I got home around 2am.

to be continued....

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