My first spanking

Today I went to lunch with a girlfriend, right down the street from "T's" work. He had asked me to stop by to visit him after I was done. He showed me to his office, had me sit in one of the chairs and he locked the door. Now I should mention I am still surprised over what happened last night, so I wasn't expecting anything today other than conversation. After he locked the door he pulled up another office chair beside me and began kissing me. His kisses just make me melt and his hands are strong and he knows how to use them. As we were kissing he began to caress my pussy through my pants. Then after he had me all worked up, he unzipped them and put his hand in and began to finger me. It felt so good and here is good time to mention there were several windows in the office (I realized later) that you can see in to the office from the outside. I asked if I could cum and he said yes, afterwards he asked how I felt knowing there were people right outside his office. I blushed and he said dirty, naughty, slutty, all of the above and I said yes. I thought about the question again and I told him my answer was that it made me feel like I belong to him.

We made out some more, answered text messages from our kids, made plans for a concert, answered work calls (lol) and then he said he wished he had something here at the office - his paddle. That kind of turned me on and then next thing I know he steps out. He went to check to see who was still there and I guess it was OK because he had me stand up and he unzipped my capri pants, pulled them down as well as my underwear. Now not thinking something like this was going to happen, I didn't have my best underwear on, plus I am expecting my period and I had on a pantie liner. So here I am standing with my hands on his desk bent forward and humiliated. He rubbed my ass first and caressed my pussy gently, then he spanked me. I am not going to lie it stung, he kept going switching cheeks each time. When he knew I couldn't take anymore he said OK I am going to give you two more on each cheek and you are going to count. Well I screwed that up and said 1,2 & 1,2, thankfully he didn't notice or he didn't care, but I knew I sounded like ridiculous. Afterwards he held & petted me, which is one of those wonderful gifts he gives me when we are together. Then he told me I could pull up my pants and he pushed against the door to kiss me.

My very first real spanking and I can feel it every time I move, it reminds me of him.

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