My service to him

After I posted last night, "T" ended up staying the night. It wasn't planned and when we came home from dinner he was just going to lie with me for a while (he told me once that I sprinkle fairy dust on him and that makes him fall asleep). As we went into dinner, "T" buttoned up my sweater because it was cold and told me how much he loves to do that. I enjoy when he orders for me, I think the waitress felt as though I slighted her because I spoke to "T" instead of her, but I love being reminded how much I need him.

Afterwards we began with me kneeling beside the bed and him inviting me in after I had removed all of my clothes as he watched. He watched me remove each item of clothing slowly for him. I got into bed, the tv was on and we cuddled together. "T" fell asleep farely quickly but I wasn't tired but my service to him was just being a warm body to hold. At 11pm I let him know his phone was making noise but he said that's ok. At 2:30pm I asked him if he needed to go and he said soon. At 4:20am he asked if I could set the alarm so he would wake up and leave for work on time. If all I did was provide him with comfort to sleep, then I feel fullfilled, "T" works hard and deserves to rest. He is supposed to leave tomorrow for the holidays with his parents and I will miss him very much.