Rainy day

This morning "T" had called me to say hello and make sure I had slept well. Then he mentioned that because it was a rainy day he was going to send his guys home and he would probably go home as well, at least until his meeting at noon. I began to start my day of shopping but my daughter wouldn't cooperate and wake up (since she wasn't home I couldn't get her up myself), so I sent "T" a text, letting him know that I was alone with nothing to do. Not really, lol, but I was hoping I would. He wrote back and said he was coming right over.

When he arrived the first thing he did was take off my robe, nightgown and panties. I love to be undressed by him, I find it to be very erotic and I think about us being in public and him helping me with my jacket and how similar it is. He had me kneel in front of him as he sat on the bed, fully clothed. He kissed me, caressed me and played with my nipples. When he was done he told me to get into bed and he proceeded to undress. Now all the times we have been together this was the first time he had been totally nude, so I got to see him for the first time and it was wonderful. Very handsome looking and everything I knew it would be. He came to bed and we cuddled, kissed and he touched me everywhere. Today he concentrated on spanking my pussy and then stopping and then repeating the process until I couldn't take it anymore. Eventually he let me cum, but only one time today. After that I asked him if had seen what he done to me yesterday, he told me to roll over on my stomach. He said I must have sensitive skin because I was still red and black&blue from my spanking. Then he told me he was going to do it again. It all seemed to roll together, but he spanked me then he would stop and rub and then continue. "T" wanted me to see if I could be spanked to the point of crying, it made me nervous and excited.  He said that I was to take it as long as I could then turn my head and after that he would spank me 4 (or something like that) more times.

He began spanking me, getting harder and harder. When I couldn't take anymore I turned my head, only in the wrong direction (I seem to get lost during spanking, hard to concentrate). He told me that he understood what I had done, gave me the extra hits and at that point he took me in his arms to comfort me. "T" wants to know how I feel about spanking and I told him I am not sure. I like it, I enjoy it and I want it but that's really all I can say right now. He wanted to know if I wanted on a regular basis - like a set day, but I just don't know yet. After that he let me hold him and make him cum, he came a lot!! Then I wiped him up with a towel, I am looking forward to tasting him. He took me in his arms and we fell asleep until he had to leave for his meeting. I can feel the sting on my butt but I haven't looked at it yet to see if there are marks. I like rainy days....

PS When "T" first arrived he told me he had seen my post about closure. He said that if I had any more problems he would talk to him and if he showed up I was to call the police and then "T". I can't tell you how secure that made me feel, especially since it didn't even occur to me to call the police.

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