When I hear NO it just jolts me back to reality. Last night as I knelt by the bed in front of "T" he began kissing me and playing with my nipples. He lied down across the bed so that his mouth was right in front of my breasts. He began sucking my nipples, very hard. I was told to spread my legs and he reached down and put his finger in my pussy, rubbing it. After he was done he told me to lie face down (still kneeling) on the bed (low bed). He went behind me and lifted my nightgown, exposing my ass. I felt his mouth kissing my ass and then his teeth biting into the skin. He takes what seem like tiny bites of my skin, it hurts and it leaves some nice marks. As this was going on he put his hand inside my pussy again, this time a finger and then it felt like a few fingers, in and out. I remember at some point I didn't care that I was lying there with my ass exposed and his fingers in my pussy, I began rocking against his hand trying to get a good angle but he wouldn't let me. He just kept going, finger fucking me and biting me, it seemed like forever. Then I was told to lie back on the bed with my legs over the side. He opened my legs and began using his tongue and fingers in combination. He knew exactly how to get me where he wanted and when I got to point of wanted to cum - I asked for permission. I was told NO, he pulled out his hand but kept rubbing. There is something about that word that just brings you back, knowing you have to focus on not cumming even though that's all you want to do.

He stopped rubbing and told me I could suck his dick. Which I did happily, as I am sucking he becomes hard in my mouth. He tells me what he wants me to do, I think I am getting a little better at fulfilling his requests. If I could get my sinus's under control I would be able to breath easier. As I am going along he encourages me and lets me know I am going well by telling me it feels good and I am a good girl. Something about hearing those words makes me feel all warm inside. After a while pulls me away and tells me to lie back on the bed, he grabs my legs and pulls them up in a V position, enters me and pounds me until he cums. I have to admit I like that  position. When he is done we cuddle up for some TV and as I am lying there I can feel myself dripping down my legs. I woke up this morning with my pussy throbbing (and still is now) wanting attention, but touching is not worth the punishment. 

Oh yes then "T" tells me during conversation that there is something that I do that he thinks is cute and that is how he decides if I can cum or not. Did I really need to know that? No, no, no. I don't want to wonder about what I do. 

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