I just left "T", we had lunch together today. As we were leaving he had opened my car door and then he reached in and put on my seat belt (something he had told me before that he wanted to start doing, which I am adding to my rules page). One of my biggest problem is the car, last night I forgot to wait until he opened the door - but he said I would be punished later for it. But back to the seat belt, I can't tell you how wet I got as he reached over, I don't know if was the act itself or the reasoning behind it but it was hot!! It doesn't hurt that he's handsome and I know couple of the woman in the restaurant saw him open the door as I stood there waiting. It's moments like those that ad this electricity to our vanilla relationship that nobody else realizes.

Last night "T" came over and ended up staying the night. We didn't do anything other than kiss and snuggle together, it was really nice. I love that I have to kneel before I get into bed, I look forward to it. We woke up around 3am and just talked about us, the kids and just stuff. The decision we made to get to know each other before we had sex was a great idea, I feel like our relationship is going to have a good foundation. Tonight we are going to the movies and just thinking about it makes me wonder....he really keeps me on my toes - in a good way.

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