Strong hands

Tonight I went on a date, because part of "Sir's" agreement with me is that I will continue to date. I totally forgot about the date until an hour before. This was as "Sir" had just told me to be ready for him when he calls, I didn't know what to do. So I sent him a text to let him know I had forgotten about it and if he needed me I had my phone. As I was driving there I got text from him telling me to have a good time, I hope it's not from your ad. I wrote back, I thought you didn't want to know? He called me but I didn't hear the phone in my pocket.

So I met this guy "J", I wasn't really excited about his emails but I knew I needed to force myself to just get out and date, he seemed harmless enough. He got there 30 min before me and was waiting, he looked just like his picture and was friendly. We ordered tea and went to sit outside to talk. First thing I noticed was that he talked a lot about himself and his ex wife. Now I always try to have good dating etiquette and one of the first things is don't talk about you ex's (especially in a bad light). He complained about how high maintenance she was, having to get her nails done every week - buying clothes & shoes - getting her hair done, it just went on and on. Now I am a girl and I get my nails done weekly, get my hair done and buy shoes & clothes so I was pretty offended by his definition of high maintenance. I consider it important to be pampered, maybe if I had told him I got pedicures every week he would have left, lol.

While he was talking I received a text from "Sir" asking me if I could talk, I stepped away to answer him and told him I was still there. When I returned "Sir" called me, almost like he knew what was going on - he's got good timing. He asked me if I was having a good time and I said no, he told me to leave, be a good girl and just leave. Being the person I am, I find it difficult to just be abrupt and rude, so I sat for a few more minutes and that is when "J" started pressuring me to tell him if I liked him and did I want to take the next step. I told him I needed to think about everything and I would let him know. He followed me to my car and I could tell he was going to take step in to kiss me, so I crossed my arms and turned my body away (by the way there was no chemistry) and got into my car.

I text "Sir" to let him know I had left, he called me right away. I thanked him for telling me to leave because I probably would have sat there longer and it was getting uncomfortable. He made sure I was OK, told me he was going to call me at 9:30 to talk and we hung up. Did I also tell you "J" was a little mean too, not to me but the way he spoke about his clients I could tell  he was not a nice person, he was rude to them and proud of that - he considered that his dominance. Yuck, I felt like I needed a bath.

I had a few minutes after that so I went home and I sat down at the computer, 15 more email replies from ad were there. I got that feeling you get when you can't breathe and not in a good way, I was feeling overwhelmed. Thank goodness I had to go and pick up the kids, it helped take my mind off things. I was having other feelings that I'm not supposed to have about "Sir". The ones I new he was worried about me having, becoming to addicted he called it. At that moment I felt like he had really taken care of me and it made me feel good. Then I was worried how do I handle this, do I tell him and run the risk of him reacting badly, I was very confused. When he called I had just gotten home and I went into the bedroom to talk. I was happy to hear his voice, he asked me about my date and then we started talking about the other men I had dated. After he crossed that boundary we had set up I decided to let him know how I felt. I prefaced it with, can I tell you something and not have you freak out?  I told him I felt very taken care of tonight and that I was thankful he had called and told me to leave. He handled in his usual calm way and said remember that I told you I would care for you not only physically but mentally as well. I had forgotten. He also said that he knew who he was and he knew who I was. I don't know what that means but it made me feel safe.

He asked me if I had thought about him when I was out, yes of course. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him right now, yes of course. This conversation led to me lying on the bed fully dressed legs spread open and him whispering in my ear all the things he was going do to me. Holding my head with his strong hands, while I had my eyes closed I was to imagine a woman playing with my clit, sucking on my nipples. "Sir" taking my hand in his and rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples. The two of them playing with my clit and sucking on my nipples. I heard him ask me if I wanted to come and I replied yes please let me cum. He told me to cum for him, he said it twice before I realized that I was still dressed. So I quickly unzipped my jeans pushed them down just below my pussy, reached into my purple lace panties and rubbed myself until I came for him. I was so worked up it only took a moment, he told me that I was a good girl and that now I would have something to think about tonight. I thanked him and we said good night.

At this moment my email box is full and I can't even look at it with feeling sick, maybe tomorrow I will feel stronger but tonight the thought having to answer one more guy is just too much for me to comprehend.

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