When we were standing in line to get coffee, I could feel his eyes watching me and I thought to myself - he's not that bad. I was thinking if I took off my heels I'll bet we would be pretty close in height. After we sat down we talked about our kids, he has 3 - 21, 18, 15 and I have 2 - 16 &19. So we were both at the same stage of our lives, which was great for my no younger children rule (because my kids are on their way out the door and I really don't want to start all over again). You could tell he loved his kids and would do anything for them, they lived with him and had a strained relationship with their mother. We talked about little bit of everything and the nice thing was it felt like a real date, not just someone looking for an encounter. I loved the way he didn't let my girlfriend detour him from asking me out and he didn't get upset either (both good qualities). When we were at dinner he asked me for my hands and held them while we were talking, very nice. He held my hands throughout the night while we were together and because I love being touched no matter how slight, I really enjoyed it, but I love that he took the initiative (such a turn on) and his hands were strong.
We talked about his experience and my experience, his was far more extensive and each time we talked he let out a little more. All night long he questioned me and as we were talking I told him about my blog, he didn't ask me, he just told me that he couldn't wait to get the link for it and put it in his phone before we said good night. He's forceful but in a very unassuming way, he's confident but not arrogant, he has a great sense of humor and he holds the same belief's about relationships that I do.

We went to the movies and he held my hand the entire time, never once trying anything more just to see if he could and how far I would go, it was a pleasant surprise. Afterwards he said he didn't want it to end and we went to a diner. We talked some more, more questions about what we each wanted until I could barely keep my eyes open. He walked me to my car and kissed me, I had stepped out of my shoes and sure enough we were about the same height (plus he joked earlier that I could tell my friend that when I was on my knees then it wouldn't matter). He had a nice kiss, very gentle and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled slightly, kissed a little harder - very nice. What started out as just another coffee date, turned into something really wonderful, I really enjoyed his company.

He asked me out again, so we are meeting on Monday for lunch and dinner. I have to say I am very nervous about him reading this blog, he told me he wouldn't judge me but I know what I wrote here and I told him when I am with someone I give them everything. I hope he understands.

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