"T" left today for Tennessee to visit his parents and even though he hasn't really left the state yet I already miss him. We spent last night together after he had finished getting the kids ready to leave. As soon as he arrived he turned on the TV, his favorite movie was on True Grit (yes the one that has been re-made and is in the theater now) with John Wayne. Since I first met him he has spoken about that movie often, not my cup of tea but I was happy to watch the last half hour with him. After kneeling and having to count the days until the first if I were to be denied orgasm until then (11 days), I was invited into bed (naked) and he held me as we watched the movie. When it was over he began touching me and as he did I was to name my 5 favorite movies and the scenes I liked (all while he was rubbing me). I chose The Godfather, Star Wars 3, You've Got Mail, Contact and crap I can't remember the last one. He said I had chosen well and he inserted a finger inside of me, then rubbing the outside of my pussy but never really getting me over the edge. At one point I made a frown and he said if I was going to frown that he would stop, so the entire time he was "torturing" me I had to make sure I was smiling. Which was hard because he just kept playing with me.

This went on for a while and then he hit the spot and I begged to come - yes (several times). Then he took me by surprise and he went down between my legs and began licking me. He has the most amazing tongue and it wasn't to long before I was begging to cum again and again. He knows where everything is and how to get me to where he wants me and even when he teases me its all done with a purpose. My pussy is throbbing right now just writing about it and it has been like that since I woke up this morning. Now this morning as we were fooling around he just pushed me around like a rag doll and then next thing I know he was on top of me. My legs fell apart and I knew what he wanted and I knew I wasn't going to be the one to say no. He asked me would I be disappointed if we didn't wait until the 1st and I said yes but that I wanted to feel him inside me. "T" said you don't know how bad I just want to push myself inside of you (ah but I did), but he didn't instead he chose not to go all the way. I was shocked at his control, disappointed that I didn't get to feel him inside me, happy that he had decided to wait until the 1st as we had discussed. This foundation we are building is laying the ground work for us to have a successful relationship like we both want. But oh my god do I want him so badly!!

This morning at breakfast we talked about the other night when we were out for a quick bite to eat and the cashier we had met. The man had looked at us as we stepped up to the register and told us that he wishes he could find his soul mate like we had. This statement took us both by surprise because even though this is the way we felt, we didn't realize that others could see it also. Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth.

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  1. Amazing how They know us inside and out....abby