Told not asked

Last night we went for a drink, movie and a late dinner. The movie was The Tourist and at the beginning of the movie Angela Jolie's character says to Johnny Depp "no woman wants to be asked, she wants to be told". I laughed when I heard that because I knew exactly what she was telling him. "T" whispered in my ear, I guess you don't want to be asked either, I smiled. Afterwards we went out for a late dinner and as we were sitting there "T" looked at me and said I am going to marry you. The funny part is it didn't freak me out because I knew what he was telling me was true, I feel the same way he does. This is the most unusual relationship I have ever been in, its calm, easy and incredibly passionate. I don't worry or fret like I have in other relationships, I feel accepted and loved.

We came home and I had been looking forward to kneeling, I had thought about it all night. "T" took off my nightgown as I kneeled down beside the bed and he kissed me. Then he placed my hand around his hard cock and told me I could get into bed after I had made him cum. I began to stroke him, feeling his incredible hardness slide up and down my hand. "T" told me to play with myself as I stroked him, telling me he loved to watch me. We came at the same time and I got incredibly dizzy and sank down against the bed. After steadying myself I cleaned him up and got into bed. We fell asleep curled up together and slept very well.

This morning he allowed me to stroke him again until he came. Afterwards as he held me he started rubbing my pussy and then he fell asleep, I was trapped under him. His hand occasionally twitching on my pussy just enough to keep me awake. After a while I fell asleep and when I woke up he was rubbing me again. Only this time he brought me to the edge about 10 times but didn't allow me to finish. He said he was having to much fun torturing me and that my puppy dog eyes made it hard for him to deny me, but somehow he would manage. Being the slut that I am every time he started towards my pussy I opened up and wanted him to rub even though I knew he might not let me cum (which I never did). "T" said maybe tonight.

He also incorporated "Sir" into our conversation and every time I forgot to say it he would pinch my nipple hard to remind me.

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  1. Nice post - love the warmth in the intimate details. I'm glad things are going so well for you!