Unexpected gift

Yesterday I had a wonderful email response from my ad. The same ad that has brought out every mean, uncaring man that I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. I have seen everything from beginners, masochists to wannabe dominants, oh yes and more penis's than I care to mention. Yesterday I had an unexpected response from a man I'll call "Sir D", he had replied to my ad:
Hello, I'd like to know more.  Are you Caucasian or light Hispanic?  What sort of experience do you have?  Do you have preferences as a slave? (e.g. pain puppy?  humiliation)my specialty is shibari, binding, suspending.
I thought about it and after these few months I realize that I do indeed have some limits. I didn't understand some of the terms he used but I had read enough to know that he was indeed very into the life, maybe more than I have decided to go. So I wrote back as I usually do, thanked him for his response and wished him luck in his search. I received another email thanking me for my response and because 97 out of 100 are usually cruel, this one stood out in a good way.
I attempt to treat all women with the respect they deserve.  What all these newbie/wannabees do not understand is how much a Master LOVES his slave.  She is the most precious thing he owns!!!  He will die willingly to defend her.  He cherishes her and is humbled by her submission to him.  Any Dom with experience will tell you between the Owner and slave SHE is the most secure.  Trust me few of us can come even close to servitude, even a little,lol.  It's like the biggest unspoken truth in the lifestyle, LOL.
Remember submission can not be demanded, physical, in some situations, but who really cares about physical.  We WANT the emotional and mental submission.  Control her mind and you own her body.  Vanilla are often shocked to hear not all scenes end in sex.  Sometimes a scene is so exhausting you just are spent.  Other times the scene provides sexual release, even though genitals are not stimulated. 
Well anyway I appreciate you for what you will be, I am available if I can offer any advise, and wish you well Baby.
So far the only support I have experienced has been online, so to find someone so close felt wonderful that I wanted to share. When I read this email I thought of "Sir" and how much he cherishes me and I believe he would do anything to take care of & protect me, making me want to serve him even more.
I appreciate this response and it restores my faith that there are some good people out there. Thank you "Sir D".

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