Very aware

Last night "T" asked me if I had noticed my orgasms denial that he had imposed. Meaning he was the only one who could give me an orgasm. I told him that most of the time I don't notice it, mostly because I'm busy and don't think about it. However the other day I had been in bed (alone) and I reached down to touch myself. As I was touching I realized that I wasn't supposed to be doing that and I pulled back. Today I went into the shower and the water ran over me I thought how nice it would be to use my shower massage head if I were allowed. I like using every now and then just for quick relief. I told "T" about it and he laughed saying that my shower massage and Hitachi wand were going to be very lonely. Then he asked me where I was....on my bed in a towel. He said lie back and start playing with yourself, let me know when you are close. I asked him if he was going to let me cum, he said he hadn't decided. So I started rubbing my clit and pretty quickly I could feel that warm rush and as I got closer, I told him. I asked him if I could cum and he said NO, take your hand away.

Most days I really don't think about it that often until "T" reminds me when I talk to him or if I see him.  Today is not one of those I am very aware and its on my mind.

Somehow we started talking about his toys and going shopping (love shopping) for toys to buy. Then he asked me if I wear skirts (something he has asked me before) and I said yes but because it had been so cold I hadn't been. He told me that the cold wasn't his problem and that if he wanted I would wear it. The only reason I bring up the cold is because this is Florida and today it was 39 degrees. The palm trees are covering up because Florida shouldn't be this cold.

We also talked about use waiting until Jan 1st to have sex. He had spoken to his sister and she said we should wait until we get married (religious) and that he was probably waiting only because I wouldn't give it up - if she only knew!!  Really we decided because we didn't want to jump into playing before we got to know each other. Both he and I had been involved with other people who we played with before we knew them. For him it was because as he did get to know them he found them annoying or didn't understand about his kids, for me it was more of my vanilla backround kicking in. The one that says you should wait until you are in a monogamous relationship until you have sex. I knew when I played with someone immediately that it would never turn into a relationship, so really anyone I did play with was just for that and nothing else. When I met "T" I knew that it could be more and I am glad he decided we should wait.

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