Last night turned out to be kind of wonderful, after posting and hopping into bed I received a phone call from "T". His daughter is in town and would be performing at a local gallery and would I like to go - Yes! I got ready and we were off. His daughter was wonderful and I met his ex-wife who was very polite and gracious to me.  I had a wonderful time and am glad "T" invited me to go with him. So what I thought would be a night of missing him turned into a night of desiring him.

I say that because afterwards we went to a diner for desert, where he fed me ice cream from across the table. Then he told me that he wanted to take me out and feed me a whole meal (he had mentioned this before and I have begun to realize when he mentions something several times that I should expect it to come to fruition), he asked me how I felt about that. I told him it would be strange not doing anything, but other than that I was OK with it and my body gushed at the thought of it. I literally felt myself get so wet as I sat across from him and he spoke about feeding me. He told me he knows that I like that control he has over me (and I do). When we were done he drove me home and we said good night. After he left and all day today all I kept thinking about is tonight. Tonight we are going out and then he is going to spend the night, he hasn't stayed over since last weekend and I miss waking up with him.

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