I left "T's" today feeling frustrated, orgasm denial frustrated. Don't get me wrong I got fucked every which way to Sunday but no orgasm for me. "T" told me he enjoys making me cum but he enjoys denial a little more. I couldn't even stay and enjoy his company today because I was too wound up, I went home to clean & do things around the house, OK so maybe there is a small upside - all my laundry will be clean.

As soon as I arrived last night to his house he jumped on me and began kissing me. Then telling me to suck his newly hairless cock, which I enjoyed. When he was done I was told to take off my clothes - did I bring my cuffs - yes sir. Bring them to me. I stood in front of him naked with my cuffs and placed them on my wrists and then bound them together behind my back. I was pushed back down on my knees to finish sucking his cock. Afterwards I was told to lie face down on the bed (not easy when you have no hands), he fucked me from behind until he came. I really enjoyed being restrained and fucked from behind, I was really wet but got no satisfaction other than "T" being satisfied.

In the morning "T" woke up and fucked me in my ass until he came. This was another first for us, very enjoyable. Afterwards we cleaned up and then as he soaked in the tub I washed his hair. Then we went back to sleep again and after we woke up again he placed my hand on his cock (which was hard again) and then we fucked again.


  1. I generally refrain from commenting but if you were so wound up you could have done my laundry and who knows I would have given you some relief as a reward, maybe lol. I love you so very very much.....T

  2. I'll be glad to ship you my laundry if you should ever need it ;-).

  3. I'm loading up my laundry right now lol.