Down and Dirty

I leaned over to greet him with a kiss. He kissed me very softly and then grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. Looking me in the eye he said get undressed and kneel down. As quickly as I could I removed all my clothes and kneeled down in front of him. He told me to suck his cock, I latched on quickly and began sucking, his hand was on the back of my head gently easing me up and down. After sucking for a while he grabbed my head away, kissed me and then began to suck my nipples (which are very tender right now). I was then shoved back down to suck his hard cock again.

Then when he was done with my mouth, I was told to get up onto the bed on my back, "T" entered me quickly and fucked me hard. At some point he had grabbed my hair again and as he fucked me held my head back. When he was done using me for his pleasure, he began sucking & biting my nipples, pulling them towards him. At the same time he had his fingers inside me. At some point I was starting to feel overwhelmed, he kept changing what he was doing to me and the sensations were like waves that just kept coming. His hand just kept fucking and rubbing me, my nipples in and out of his mouth. This kept going for a while and then he pushed me over the edge, I felt like I was falling, it was a wonderful sensation. After he let me cum, he grabbed me and held on to me, telling me I was a good girl.

Never in my life have I ever experience so many different feelings of cumming than with "T". Afterwards I think back about how I get so into the moment and don't even think about what I am doing, just follow orders - verbal or otherwise. This time I was taken by surprise and he just went at it down and dirty. He asked me later - do you think the kids heard us?


  1. Haha...the last line made me smile, great post.

  2. A well timed diversion! Seems like all the bloggers I follow had gotten reflective/introspective/serious this week...and then just a beautifully recounted moment like this. Thank you :-)