My family is in town and yesterday I was informed by my mother that I was to attend 2 days of events . So today I am off to a lunch and then back tonight for a dinner. Yesterday I could feel myself getting all worked up, I mentally thought to make sure I pack a xanex in my purse. It shouldn't be such a big deal, I love my family but sometimes they make me crazy. As the day went on I went into overdrive and it wasn't until I was lying in bed, thinking about dinner (which "T" will be accompanying me to) and realized that to stay calm tonight all I had to do was look at "T". I know he will take care of me tonight. I need to focus on being submissive and not getting all crazy (mentally), which inevitably pours out of my mouth. This will take all my anxiousness and focus it where it needs to be and that will help alleviate the pressure I am feeling. 

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