Good Morning Sir

Just a regular day, getting ready for work, driving my son to school, etc. Sometimes in the morning I get a text from "T", usually just a good morning hello. So when I heard the phone beep I didn't go to it right away because texting instead of calling annoys me sometimes, so I did something else and as I happen to walk by I grabbed the phone. When I say I jerked upright in surprise I am not kidding...the message read - Good Morning Slut. I immediately wondered what brought this on and what was I in store for later. I replied back - Good Morning Sir.

"T" called me later in the day to let me know he was coming over tonight. We had something to eat and drink (which I would later regret), then he locked the door. The next thing I knew he was getting his bag out of the closet. I don't exactly know what's in the bag, only what he has shown me, even though he keeps it at my house. I was lying on the bed and the rope came out. He came behind me, placed my hands behind my back and tied my arms. In the end my arms were tied behind my back and hands were at my side and the rope was tied around my my ankles (legs bent at knees) and my hands were attached to my ankles. I looked like a crab and after this was done I had to go the bathroom. I was told to hold it, which I did for a while. As I sitting there contemplating how if I could actually walk to the bathroom I decided to ask again. I asked permission again, he said OK if you think you can do it. Well let me tell you it was a site to see, "T" enjoyed watching me struggle to get across the room and then to the bathroom. I made it there and back enduring the humiliation of being watched.

When I made it back into bed, "T" began to play (torture) with me, it lasted for over an hour. Touching me, teasing me, plunging his hand into me, pinching my just kept going on and on. Every now and then I would look at "T" only to see him smiling, I told him he was very sadistic tonight - he grabbed onto my nipple and twisted telling me he was hurt I would say such a thing. He then told me that he was going to take a nap and if woke him up in an hour (give or take 5 min) then I could have an orgasm. Here's the thing I couldn't see the clock, he laughed and told me to count. After about 15 min he told me that I didn't have to count, when I asked why he said because you will just have to wait until I decide if you can have an orgasm. The ropes which were still on became uncomfortable and so I had to shift from side to side trying to find a position. "T" started playing (torturing) with me again, moving down between my legs and sitting indian style in front of me. He had the lube in his hand and he began to pour it all over my pussy until I was dripping. His fingers started to enter me in and the out. Then it began to feel unusual, something I had never felt. It filled up my pussy and it was fast and slow, but I wasn't sure what was going on. My legs were braced against his knees as this was happening, he just kept ramming me, he asked me at one point if it was too much and I moaned no because I didn't want him to stop. He was fingering my clit as he was doing this until I couldn't help but cum, a couple of times. After he was done he said congratulations you have just been fisted. Right now I am sore, but it also feels like there is something still in me.

"T" untied me and held me for a while before he left. I asked him if I had done OK, he said I had done great. But as I was lying in his arms I started to think (big mistake) about what had happened and this wave of shame came over me. I thought about him between my legs with his whole hand in my pussy and how I had completely given myself over to him, enjoying everything he threw at me, wanting more. "T" had come over with a purpose, he was detached and yes sadistic (just like he had been the time before), after he left I felt unbalanced and out of sorts. Every time we do something like this he pushes me a little more and even thought that's what I want, it leaves me wondering how far things will go...what else is brewing in his mind.


  1. I think that most of us are generally left wondering "what else is brewing."

  2. Wow. That sounds really intense, and - um, a little scary, but then I've got scary on my mind these days...

    Big hug,