Numbers Game

So last night we played the numbers game and I'm not sure if I won or lost. The game is if you can orgasm while I am counting to a preset number, then you can have as many orgasms as you want all night - you just have to convince me or the other choice is you can have one guaranteed orgasm right now. Now it sounds simple enough, choose as many as you want but with "T" I know that there would be a twist either way.

I was to kneel by the bed while he went into the other room and I was to have an answer when he returned. I had played the number game the other night and didn't get what I wanted, the counting out loud kept me from getting the orgasm. So I decided to choose the guaranteed orgasm, which surprised him - are you sure that's what you want - yes. I was invited into bed and "T" began kissing and caressing me, teasing me with his hand all over my body. He eventually went down and began licking my pussy and when I begged for permission he said - no. I wanted to scream, I knew there was a catch but I kept my mouth shut. He repeated it again and again I was denied - 3 more times. Eventually I was allowed to cum and oh my gosh did it feel good, he had built it up until it was amazing.

Afterwards he let me suck his cock and he fucked me, so I guess really I chose correctly. However when I opened my big mouth he said next time he would have to make the number game choices harder, great! There was a part of the game that he wanted me to do before our plans had changed. While he was showering I would be allowed to play with myself to get primed for the event. I have to say given the choice of doing it or not, I choose not. I haven't had an orgasm by myself since I met "T" and unless he tells me to do it, I am just not that interested. We were also supposed to go to the beach and make out but that got put on hold for family plans, but I am looking forward to re-scheduling.

"T" also mentioned that soon I am going to be wearing cuffs to sleep in every night.

PS thanks for the advice SFP, we talked it out.

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  1. I'm so pleased!

    The right one? The right ones like that you talk to them about what's going on

    so the ones that can't handle it -- aren't worth having


    PS -- at some point I may need you to repeat this advice back to me