Pizza & Orgasm

I had the most wonderful orgasm last night at the hand of "T"!

He invited me over to hang out and I brought pizza for us and the kids. When I first got there he had just gotten out of the shower, he slipped off his towel and began making out with me. Then he went to the bed to lie down on his stomach, telling me to begin kissing and licking him. I went right for his ass cheeks, he said well I was expecting you to start at my neck but if you are in that much of a hurry - I blushed. I began kissing and licking up and down his back, his cheeks, legs, and down the crack of his ass to his balls. He especially love the crack and had me start at the top and very slowly work my way down and when my head wouldn't fit to get lower he got up and went and sat on the couch. Giving my full access to him and I began to suck him until he came.

After we ate the pizza and watched some tv, "T" told me to get into bed - naked of course. I still had my jacket on and asked if I should take it off - no let me do it. There is something about him taking off my jacket that makes me feel like a little girl. I took off all my clothes and got into bed, "T" joined me immeditely taking his hand and placing it on my pussy. At first it was light carresses and then he would plunge his hand into me, I could feel my wetness. He played with me for a while and then went down with his tongue. Now sometimes he applies pressure and sometimes not, this time it was back and forth. When I was ready to cum he was doing something with his tongue but it wasn't enough to get me to the edge, found out later he did it unpurpose - ha ha. I should know better by now, everything he does has a purpose. When he finally let me cum, I am pretty sure the kids heard me - I just couldn't help myself. He had brought me to a point where he never had, I felt like I was falling over a cliff. I woke up this morning and for the first time I wanted to masturbate because my pussy was still throbbing, wanting more. But I am a good girl and will wait until I am allowed again.

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