"As a very basic rule, men like to be respected, women simply like to be taken seriously, but they also like lots of affection"...Neo Dom Tom commented on yesterdays post.

"T" and I both agree with this statement. He told me that it wasn't until he met me that he realized that respect was what he lacked in his marriage. We also agreed that women need affection, I know I do and with it I will respond to what ever "T" wants. He is able to mix his needs of being in control of me with my need of being cared for and he does it beautifully.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I could hear "T" in the closet getting down his bag. When I came out he was on the floor attaching a length of rope to the corner of the bed frame. Apparently the other day when I jokingly said that he couldn't attach me to the bed he took it as a challenge. I kneeled before him, I was cuffed and invited into bed where I was immediately attached to the new rope on my bed. So my hands are cuffed together and then the rope is attached that gives me limited mobility other than to keep my arms above my head or right on my chest. I was told that if I needed to get up that I was to wake "T" and if I couldn't wake him then and only then should I unclasped myself.

We were watching the end of a movie and I fell asleep. "T" said I slept so soundly, he said maybe it was the sense of security. I woke up just as the movie was ending, so I took that opportunity to get up before going back to sleep. When I came back to bed "T" told me I was to kiss him on the lips and then slowly kiss all the way down his body until I had his penis in my mouth. Now keep in mind that I had on my cuffs so balancing myself was challenging and I could see him enjoying my restrictions. When I reached his cock I changed my position so that I was half on the bed with my feet on the floor so I could push myself up and down. I had a really good angle and was able to get him down my throat over and over. After he enjoyed my mouth he had me come back on the bed on my back, so he could fuck me. After he entered me he clipped me back up so that I my arms were over my head and I had very limited movements. When "T" was done fucking me, he slid down and placed his head on my stomach and fell asleep. This was really a wonderful feeling for me, to have him just lying on me after he had finished. I am not sure how long we were like this but I think I also drifted off for a while.

The next morning my head was pulled to "T's" cock for sucking. After sucking on him for a while he began to move my head the way he wanted. My eyes were watering, my nose was running and I was choking, but I knew he was enjoying it. He kept telling me what a good girl I was and how much he enjoyed having my mouth on his cock, which always makes me want to keep going. I also love when he takes my hair and pulls my head up and down. When he was done he began to play with me, taking his time stroking me. He asked me what the hurry was, as I struggled to rub against his hand wanting a heavier stroke. At one point I looked at him watching me with a big smile on his face, seeing my frustration. He eventually let me cum when he was ready.

After we were done I was lying on the bed on my stomach still cuffed. I had the cuffs right next to my face and "T" said that would make a great picture. The next thing I know he has his cell phone out and is snapping a picture of me in my cuffs. He set it so that it comes up when I call him, I just hope none of the kids see it.

PS I forgot to add that I couldn't believe how submissive and happy I felt when "T" had me cuffed and tied to the bed, maybe he was right and it did make me feel secure. This morning I woke up before "T" (as I usually do) and I was lying there thinking about being cuffed & tied and it just made me feel extremely submissive to him. A different feeling than I usually have, because I am submissive by nature but this made me feel more for him (hard to describe) and even when I am not wearing the cuffs I think about that feeling whether we are together or apart.

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