After being fucked yesterday by "T", I was told that I couldn't take a shower. He then put his hand in my pussy, took the juices he had just deposited and rubbed them on my chest. This was done as we were parting ways for the evening. As he left there was an awkward moment. I thought about what had happened and chose my answer. When he called I told him no, go without me - stick to the schedule we already had. He asked why and I explained (or tried) but he wasn't buying any of it. He pulled out his D card and told me to be there at 10:40, for a moment I thought he was going to back down but then it was almost like he changed his mind. What he didn't know was this was exactly what I wanted to hear, I wanted him to tell me what he wanted, insist, demand, make me. In past relationships men have always - well for lack of a better word, failed this part with me. They never told me what I wanted to hear, they never made me do what I really wanted, but needed to know that it was what they wanted also. Yes I am warped but definitely happy to have found someone who understands what I need. Sometimes I just need to be told what to do.

I showed up as requested, the plans evolved into something else, something even better. Afterwards we went home watched some tv, where I got fucked again and I was allowed to cum by his hand then tongue. In the morning I had a choice to leave early and take care of some business or stay another half hour. I chose to stay and gave "T" a heads up that I would be leaving soon. He rolled over and fucked me again, then made me suck his cock. When he was done with me sucking, he pushed me back onto the bed and fucked me again. By this time I was so full of his juices, that I am pretty sure I squished when I walked, at least that's how I felt as he walked me to my car.

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