Yesterday we went to "T's" house to hang out after dinner. As we were watching a movie, he grabbed my hand and placed on his cock. Sometimes I am allowed to hold it and sometimes I am supposed to stroke it, so I just held it until I received further instructions. He then told me I could stroke it and it wasn't long before I was told I could suck it until he was ready.  I was then instructed to take off my pants, but I kept my bra, shirt and jacket on because I am not allowed to remove it, only "T" is permitted. I say this because afterwards he asked me if I had kept it on the entire time, oh yes sir. "T" fucked me until he came and then covered me up to watch the rest of the movie, I could feel him oozing out of me.

Later we went to my house where I gave him his birthday present. Apparently he hasn't had a good track record with gifts so he told me his expectations weren't high. When I presented it to him, he seemed happy and grateful for the thought I had put into them. I kneeled before him and he gave me a big kiss and invited me into bed. Where I was told I had done such a good job with the gift I could suck his cock again. He was hard very quickly and as I was sucking he pulled away from me violently. Then he mounted me from the back and fucked me from behind (this was a first for us). I loved the way it felt, that position hits all the right spots. After that he flipped me on my back and lay beside me, reached between my legs, grabbed my hair and looked at me. He said I want you to cum for me and I did, immediately.

Now getting off the subject today "T" came to my shop so I could wax him, brazilian style. He had never had it done and was curious about how it felt. He was a good sport and did exceptionally well in tolerating the pain until I tried a new post product on him (it burned) and I thought he was going to go thru the roof. He had me wash that off right away and he says that he is feeling no ill effects but the feeling of being hairless is new to him. Even though he volunteered for this he kept threatening me with paddling every time I looked like I might be enjoying myself. At the end he asked me to count how many strips of wax I had used so that he could paddle me for each.

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  1. That hardly seems fair...oh, yeah, fair doesn't factor in to the equation does it? ;-)

    Sounds like you had fun.