Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we spent a lot of time with different family members. "T" and I established before hand that we both had no issues with him buckling me into the car, me waiting until he opened the car doors, other doors, ordering food for me, etc. I know our family notices, not everything but some. I know they wonder why, some see it as him being very considerate, only one of them was bold enough to ask "did he just buckle you in"? - yes and you will notice that he will open all the doors also. I said this very matter of fact in hopes that my son would see these traits and see them as being a gentleman. As "T" performs each of these little gestures there is a secret smile we share, knowing the true reason behind it... I can see that it makes him happy and that excites me.

"T" wants me to be comfortable to just show up and his house or work. This was something he mentioned several times this weekend and in previous conversations. I think that this has to work both ways and we can't just be comfortable in one house over another. We have to include everybody, very challenging.

We had a conversation about a swingers club, Deenies Hide-a-way. He has been there before and told me about his adventures. He then asked me if I wanted to go and get fucked by 4 guys while he watched. I knew when I began to explore this lifestyle that I may be in a relationship where that may come up. My answer has stayed steady - I would do only for someone I trusted, that cared for me and would protect me. It would not be my first choice for fun, but if that is something they wanted to explore I would be willing as long as I was with the person described. He asked if that went against the SW principals of a man protecting his woman. I think that would be for him to answer because it would be up to the man to decide how to protect his woman.

There was mention of a chain that attaches to the bed, going only long enough to let me go to the patio for sun. This seemed to excite him. He also told me that there would come a time when we would be in a heated argument and he would stop in the middle and just fuck me. This also seemed to excite him, because it was mentioned twice. These little quips come out when I least expect them, making me wonder what else he is thinking about. This look comes over his face, his voice gets deeper and I can see his mind wandering to dark places. When he says these things he makes sure that I know he is very serious that one day it may happen.......I know.

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