What does he think

The night before I didn't sleep in the cuffs because "T" didn't stay over. Last night "T" came over and ended up staying, so the cuffs stayed on all night.

Yesterday William (The training of my lovely slut) spoke about how subs read D's blogs and how D's read sub blogs, I personally like a mix of both. But it also reminded me that I still (no matter how much I read) don't understand the mindset of a D. I just can't comprehend why they like being with someone like me who offers no resistance (I am not complaining). After being only in vanilla relationships for most of my life I guess I still can't believe that there are others like me, for a long time I thought I was unique (weird) with my desires, only to find out there are many like me.

My point is that I am always curious about the D's mind, so last night after "T" had placed the cuffs on my wrists I asked him. How does it make you feel when I wear the cuffs? He told me he uses them to remind me that I am his submissive, he likes to be able to grab me by the cuffs and jerk me around and if we had a weekend alone I would have to wear them the entire time. Plus there would probably be ankle cuffs. He also wants to place a rope at the top corner of the bed so that he can attach them. Obviously he has given this some thought. But I asked again how does it make you feel (I realize that's a difficult question for a man to answer) and he said good. Very simple, then he said and I know it makes you feel good too.

He was right, it does make me feel good. Last night was the first night in cuffs and I have to say it took a little getting used to. I didn't sleep as soundly as I usually do, but just like other things it will take a while to find my groove. When I would roll over I wasn't able to move my hands as I usually do, I couldn't grab on to "T", I couldn't hug my pillow. I also realized that you can't multi-task in them, its one thing at a time, I am used to my hands going in different directions and not even thinking about it. By the morning I figured out how to get comfortable and next time I will be better prepared.

I did enjoy the feeling of him placing them on me & taking them off, it turns me on, makes me feel secure and totally under his control. Whenever I moved the cuffs would remind me why I was wearing them, so they did exactly what "T" wanted, reminded me. Even after they came off I still thought about them, I have been restrained before but never has it had this effect on me, I am assuming that being collared would be the same.


  1. It's really cool to be able to read about your feelings around this, and his. I've never experienced this before, so can only imagine. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I'm glad something I said helped you think more on your submission, and try to find out more about your Dom to better submit to him. I enjoyed hearing about your feelings when you submit to "T". This is one of the things I look for in my reading. Learning about the submissive woman's mind. Increasing my knowledge to be a better Dom.
    Thank you for sharing.


  3. That's interesting

    I almost never read D blogs -- just one or two that have come to visit me

    I mostly read sub blogs

    great post btw


  4. I read both D and S blogs as often I'm surprised by what I might learn and come to understand. I'm with you on the restraints... thinking about them...being put on...taken off...adjusted...it's all exquisite. I was collared last month and I can tell you that it feels sooooooo incredible, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  5. I like the feeling of power. I get sexually excited, rock hard even, when my lizard meekly submits to my will, calls me sir, and lets me take her in new directions. I think more than anything, it is that feeling of power, of having another person do exactly what you want, without question, that same feeling that has driven men to do great and sometimes horrifying deeds throughout history. It is also the respect it shows me.

    As a very basic rule, men like to be respected, women simply like to be taken seriously, but they also like lots of affection. Most men do not seem to understand this. It is really quite simple to please a woman, though it does take work.

    What surprised me is how my lizard, who is usually a tiger outside the bedroom, purrs like a little kitten when we are in bed.