Why do I forget?

"T" and I just date, we don't live together. When we are apart I get back into my take care of yourself mode. So it never fails that after we have been apart for a few days I forget. At least one time I forget to let him buckle my seat belt and I forget to let him open the car door. Why do I forget? I love when he does it, it reminds me.

Last night was rough, I am not good at sharing how I am feeling and when we were together "T" knew something was wrong. I had expressed how I felt earlier in the day but then covered it up with other things when really it was something else. So how could I blame him for not knowing what was really bothering me. Why is it so difficult for me to express myself? Why do I have to take the train to crazy town?

Anyway we only had a few moments together and "T" asked me if I wanted an orgasm, I said no you have to leave in a couple of minutes. He told me to lock the door,  he took off my pants and pulled me onto the bed. He immediately took his fingers and put them inside of me and said for a girl who didn't want an orgasm you sure are wet, why is that? I don't know Sir. He began to rub and finger me, of course it felt great. Then he asked if I could cum - yes sir. He removed his hand suddenly and said well you can't because you forgot to let me buckle you in tonight. Then he rubbed me again and stopped when I was all worked up again. After that he stood up and removed his pants and handed me the lube. Telling me to make him orgasm. It didn't take him long to get hard and I enjoyed watching him, touching him and making him cum. After that he fell asleep with me in his arms for a few minutes.

"T" is a good and kind man and he puts up with me (emotional mess sometimes). I am lucky to have him.


  1. I think we all take the crazy train sometimes.

  2. I have a reserved seat on that train!

  3. Conductor of the train to crazy town

    next stop