Again? Really

Oh the joy of dating again makes me want to throw myself over a cliff. To bad there are none here in Florida (trash mountain doesn't count). Starbucks will be my new hang out again.

Meeting up with those guys who aren't quite what they lead you to believe, pictures a little out of date, shorter than they say, single (but not really), the dic pics, the claim to be D's, the mean guys who think submissive means I'll do anything and my favorite - "I don't know you, but do it now because I told you too" etc. you get the idea.

Maybe I should just get back in contact with the guy who wanted to teach me and take care of my submissive needs while I was looking.

I am just a woman looking for that elusive combination of vanilla & kink - is there such a thing?


  1. There is. And you will get it. Hang in there! I hope you are feeling better. Things will look up.

  2. it's definitely out there... take your time and breathe!! it'll happen!


  3. slowly ...slowly, but maybe that guy is a good idea too..........

  4. it will take some time --

    slow down and lick your wounds a bit

    so you can be all the things you need to be when you find him


  5. It's all good, just thinking out loud but not doing anything about it. Thanks :)

  6. Omigod - you know I'm totally with you, right?


  7. I am quite sure you can find just what you are looking for, it just takes time. The problem for a woman, in particular, looking for these things is that you run into all of the men you mentioned in your post. A lot of men just think D/s is a way to find women they can abuse, or who will just give them what they want with no needs or demands of their own. But their are men out there who need what you need and want what you want. I wish you a successful and SAFE search. At the very least you sound like you know what you want and how to handle yourself while you look for it. I have met a couple of women who had very bad experiences because their heads were not as straight as yours!

  8. i am in total agreement with all of the above comments, just give yourself time to heal.

    blossom xx