Double Edge Sword

"T" can read me pretty well which can be a little frightening at times. Today I was not happy, withdrawn but trying not to let him know. We spoke this morning and afterwards he called me back to say he could tell  something was wrong. For a second I thought about how to answer the question. Do I tell him that I was angry or sad that I felt like we were neglecting I told him I missed him last night. When you boil it all down it was the truth only in a more vulnerable way. He said that he could deal with that. When he said it his voice was strong and I felt his commanding presence returning after days of issues with family & finances. He said he would be over at 6pm tonight. The double edge sword of him being able to read me makes it difficult for me to keep my feelings to myself but it also allows him to know exactly what I need or want. Even though it freaks me out sometimes I like it when he knows, it shows he cares for me and understands me which is something I have always wanted. Sometimes he has to drag it out of me but most times I want to be honest about how I am feeling and will share, I just want someone to care enough to ask.

Later "T" came over, I was lying across the bed. He walked in said hello, the said I am going to lie behind you. I moved up and with nothing else being said he began to touch me and kiss my ear, face and I was so enraptured I am not even sure what else happened. The next thing I remember he was taking off my pants and moved between my legs. His tongue was like silk softly licking me over and over. His pace never changed it was unbelievable how softly he could be and still bring me to the edge several times. Stopping just before I was falling over. His hand at some point was between my legs with his finger inside me. I remember it felt unbelievable, like I had never felt it before (which I had). His tongue and finger working their magic bringing me to the edge again but this time he was letting me go. As I was about to cum I asked for permission he said yes cum. The pillow was close to my head and I grabbed it as I came, pulled it over my face and began to scream in ecstasy. "T" asked me afterwards if it was one orgasm or two...I really couldn't tell. I can tell you it felt amazing and that I probably could have kept going if he had let me. Even this morning my pussy is throbbing as I remember. He kissed me after I came and I could taste myself on his tongue.

No words were needed to discuss what was wrong, he just knew what I needed. Afterwards as I lie in his strong arms, feeling extremely submissive & peaceful, remembering why I needed him and how grateful I was.

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  1. Amazing how powerful an affect he had on you. It is a sign how good it was when you can feel a throbbing where you were touched as well as remembering it all so vividly.