For your amusement

Today I got the rest of my things back along with a message essentially saying that everything was my fault. I waited for him to show up to talk and tell me he loved me enough to work through it, but it never happened. I still love him and think he threw away something not perfect, but something wonderful, something you don't find everyday, something that would take effort, care and forgiveness. But the heartbreaking realization that he isn't going to come back is setting in and there is nothing left for me but to move forward. I put it out there again (just to see what sticks) and what did I get in return?

For your amusement:

This one guy who is so unattractive and has responded to me in the past, he insists that he is the one for me. Even though I tried nicely to tell him that we weren't a match. Now he's just coming off as pathetic and that's not very dom like.

A full frontal dic pic...come on, really? in the first email? where are your brains? He had such promise...until I scrolled down.
A switch....definitely not for me.

Super short guy with a young kid, double whammy.

A guy who wants to take pictures & film everything.

Some young studs that remind me of my brothers (the yuck factor).

About a dozen moron's who apparently don't understand the words...if you don't send a picture I won't reply. Maybe there were to many words and they didn't comprehend, maybe if I write ssslllooowwweeerrr.

A new "R" that I am corresponding with, time will tell.
"K" that is 7 yrs younger, I've never done younger but he said all the right things so we'll see.

....and the hits just keep on coming!


  1. an adventure of sorts, certainly... enjoy the ride! :)


  2. Honey, take some time. Give yourself a little space, breathing room. Regroup, and when you feel stronger then put it out there.

    The assholes will still be there, and you will be better able to recognize the ones with real worth.

  3. Sound advise from Kelly! But i am sure you have 'eyes wide open' anyway. But, please don't rush xxx

  4. Thanks for the warning...but I have to keep moving.

  5. Sounds like your heart has taken a bruising, but on the other side, at least the morons are giving you something to laugh at........go slow...enjoy the looking .

  6. Do what feels right - enjoy as much of it as you can. Sometimes rebound guy is just what the doctor ordered.