Happy again?

After a long night I knelt beside his bed, he kisses me and tells me to get into bed naked. I do as I am told, he falls back to sleep. I try to settle in but what happened was on my mind, I felt like I was being punished and forgiveness had not been given. We woke up in the morning and since "T" has a cold I just lie with him, trying just to be there. He barely touches me and I can feel the rift between us. We spend some time with his kids and I leave. "T" comes over later, I wasn't sure if he would be over. We had spoken about dinner, I was cooking for him but he never called. I was just about to give up when the he knocked on the door. He asked me to come and sit on the bed beside him. He pulls me down and we start to talk about what happened again. I try to explain without crying, but I can't. What I said and what he understood it to mean were two different things. He says he understands but I don't know if I believe his words to me actions have always spoken more than words. He says that this is not something to break up over and that we will both say things we will regret throughout our relationship. I agree, but how we handle something minor will tell a lot about how we will handle the bigger issues that come up. We go to sleep again with him barely touching me.

In the morning I wake up several times and fall back to sleep. As I am sleeping I feel him pull up nightgown and begin sucking on my nipple. I still feel drowsy so I never opened my eyes and just let him do what he wanted. He pushes open my legs and his hand begins to stroke me as he bites on my nipples. His hand enters me and teases me all while my nipples are in his mouth, licking, biting and pulling. He eventually lets me cum and after he is done he asks me if that made me happy. I didn't want to bring up what happened again so I never asked him what he meant by that. I simply said yes because it had made me feel good, it had released some of the tension I was feeling because the action of him touching me (however he wanted) was what I had been waiting for, something to let me know that we were ok. We stayed in bed for a while longer holding hands and I could feel the tenderness seeping back into us. I was disappointed that "T" left, we had a whole day to do something. 


  1. Perfection

    we all want it

    we want to be perfect
    and we want them to be perfect too

    it's a lot of pressure

    and it dooms us to disappoint
    and to be disappointed

    you may not get your perfect resolution
    or be able to make you perfect absolution

    but what you can do is love him for his imperfections
    and accept
    that he loves you for your imperfections too

    hugs sweetie


  2. sfp's getting all deep and poetic and totally outshining any comments that could be said afterward lol.
    That being said, no one is perfect. As a person with high expectations of myself and those around me, I can honestly say that setting yourself up for perfection is also inviting a crash landing. All I can say is that I have learned to hold myself to high standards, while accepting that I am human, and thus am flawed like the rest of humanity.
    Those we love who Dominate us are not perfect either. We just all do the best we can and that is enough because after all, being flawed is a condition of being human.