New Mission Statement

I'm not perfect, damn and here I thought I was...thanks for reminding me SFP & Lil. I appreciate all the comments on my posts, its always helpful to have an outside opinion (whether I want to hear it or not). Writing this blog enables me to express exactly what I was thinking at the time, it also helps me move past whatever is going on or at least think about how I am feeling. A combination of thoughts, observations and feelings helps me process how I feel, I don't know why it took me so long to figure out how therapeutic it is for me.

I do love "T" imperfections and all. Just like any relationship it takes work to make it go and there will be ups and downs throughout. Figuring out how to navigate through the vanilla and kink is going to be what I talk about here. I have found the man that wants me and accepts me for who I am and now that the first part of my mission statement is completed I think its time to change what I want.
First Mission Completed: I am woman, mother, friend & slut searching for a Man to accept my gift of submission and control me both in body and mind for his own pleasure. Being submissive is not something I asked for, it is just apart of who I have always been. I am an emerging butterfly learning to fly.

New Mission Statement: I am a woman, mother, friend, lover & slut striving to be more submissive & surrendered, who has found the man I want to be with. He accepts me for who I am and uses his love of dominance to balance my love of submission. Together we are on an adventure of life with our children, families, imperfections and strength of love.

PS "T" came back tonight and we watched the superbowl together. Right as they were presenting the trophy he told me to blow him. I took him in my mouth and when he was hard as a rock he pulled me off and fucked me.


  1. damn that was fast. i just got home. mmmmm your private sb party

  2. Good perspective to have. Also, a very hot ending to the story :)