No time to feel sorry

There is nothing like your child being involved in an accident to remind you how precious life can be. My son and his friends were driving back from a gig when the driver ahead of them swerved to avoid something in the road. Well he swerved right into their lane and they hit his car. They all had their seat belts on and nobody was hurt, just shaken up.

After the accident my son complained of back pain so today I took him to the Chiropractor and then for x-rays. I am now learning how this all gets paid my insurance. I never knew that part of my hefty insurance bill included us if we were riding in someone elses car. Learn something knew everyday.

Anyway after getting the call Saturday night and spending several hours on the side of I-95 I went into take charge mode. No time to feel sorry for myself, at least for now. I am just thankful that all of the kids are alright, reminds you what's really important.

P.S. "K" I heard your message, thank you. I appreciate your concern but I am not interested in opening that door again.


  1. I am so glad everyone is OK. Puts everything in prespective , doesn't it?

    Your cryptic p.s. brought a phrase to mind immediately. I don't know if it applies, but remember, whenever one door closes, another will open, so look for the new doors! (don't forget the windows either, something good can always fly through an open one).

  2. I heard another one today from a woman describing her husband's agressive approach to getting her into seeing a doctor..Shut the door on a polish man and he'll come in through the window.
    As for being cryptic if you look back at my posting from November of last year you will understand.

  3. I'm sooo glad everyone was ok - yes, it puts stuff in perspective.

    AND i'm hoping that something exciting - and good - happens for you soon.