One day at a time

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes posted and emailed, it was great to feel that sense of belonging to a community.

Today started off pretty bad but actually developed into a OK day. I went back to sleep this morning then I spent the day with a friend, playing hooky from work, going to lunch and shopping. It was nice to have someone to talk to about what had happened, give me another perspective. The more I thought about the circumstances the less angry I felt and the more I felt sorry for him. He is going through a lot with him family & work and he thinks our being together will just add more stress to his life. I have already been through what he is going through now and  I know having people close to you is vital during this time. I hope he finds comfort with the friends and family he looked to for advice because he will need to have them around.

I am including a passage I read this morning posted by Vesta that really spoke to me, thank you.

"No meaningful relationship is smooth. No meaningful relationship is meant to be smooth. You have to have the foresight, the belief and the faith to believe in a relationship; to get from one good period to the next; to withstand the not good periods and recognize that they will pass; that this too shall pass. After all that I have written about the power exchange relationship I still don’t feel in the least qualified to make a statement of fact. Sometimes it works abundantly well. Sometimes, it is an abject failure. Sometimes, I think it is quite simply, flawed. I don’t feel that way about love. Love is sometimes turbulent and wild; sometimes elegantly simple and smooth. But, it endures if the will to keep it alive is there; if the faith is strong and the feelings real and deep. It can survive catastrophes and even neglect and betrayal. It forgives. It continues to revive itself and to withstand. It runs deep down in the heart and the soul. Like all relationships that are meaningful, it is not smooth."
Vesta's Submission

P.S. "K" called me today, I guess he is back in town and has been keeping up with my blog. Not a path I am going down again.

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