I received an email ending our relationship. After he discussed what happened with people I have never met, he decided that I was a red flag in his life. That what happened and what we had wasn't even worth discussing in person.

I gave my heart to him, opened my soul, trusted him like no one else and gave him everything I had but it wasn't enough, I wasn't perfect. Maybe he never really loved me, just the idea of me until it became something that wasn't easy.

I feel abandoned and my heart is broken.


  1. Wow.

    This is truly shocking and sad.

    Take your time my friend to lick your wounds and recover. These D/s relationships create intense and deep relationships over a short period....take the time to feel your feelings



  2. oh i'm so so sorry. these relationships are so intense and their loss so profound.

    be sure to be very good to yourself... i'm a big believer in the soothing power of hot baths... and, most importantly, try not to blame yourself.

    know that this was yet another step on your journey... try to see what you have learned... be gentle to your heart and soothe it until it is ready to share once again.

    be well,


  3. Oh my.....be kind to yourself...perfection is overrated:)
    I agree with the above, love yourself, hot water bottles are good too.... think of what you have learnt about yourself...how you have grown and treat yourself to some "me time".
    sending love


  4. That really sucks. :-( I feel for you... I know how much something like this can hurt. *hugs*

  5. I don't have anything to say that your other commenters haven't already said so well, but know I am thinking about you, and sending hugs your way.

    It sounds to me like the depth of his feelings for you scared him. I must say that breaking up with you by e-mail was a cowardly act. The way you opened up to him was a beautiful thing, and you did it so courageously. This is on him honey, not you.

  6. what can i say, the others have said it, i can understand how you feel given i went through something similar but i didnt get any notification at all, i was just left hanging and not knowing what happened, so i can sympathise totally with you. A total coward if you ask me in the fact that he did not grace you with the opportunity to discuss what happened, he sought the easy way out. Be strong for yourself and seek comfort from those who are there for you.

    Hugs hun
    blossom xx