Part 1 The Chair

After my shower there were more messages.
Bring the Hitachi Vibrator, Yes Sir.
When you arrive at my call me and I will come and get you, Yes Sir.
When I arrived he did not answer, so I waited for about 10 min. until he came out to get me. He had me get out of the drivers side and into the passenger side so we could go for a ride. When we pulled up in front of the store I knew exactly why we were there, "T" asked me if I knew what we were here to buy. I said yes but wouldn't say in case he had forgotten, he demanded I tell him or I would not be getting an orgasm...butt plug Sir. We were at Sassy Kat, a cute little sex a woman would feel comfortable going into not one of those "theater book stores". The place was packed so no one even gave us a second thought, we were all there for the same thing. "T" took his time looking, he commented the selection was not great compared to the larger stores that were about 30 min in each direction of us. I saw a beautiful pink diamond studded collar and "T" asked me if I was ready for that, I nodded yes (I thought maybe he had chosen not to collar me or had just forgotten about it), he then commented he was enjoying me blushing as we were shopping. After looking for a while he settled on a pink butt plug that reminded me of a pacifier and a set of nipple clamps (my nipples are still tingling this morning).

After taking care of some other things we arrived home, where I noticed things in his room were a little out of place. Immediately I was stripped of my clothes and told to kneel down and lie face down on the bed. A blind fold was placed over my eyes and "T" left me there while he went in the other room. When he returned he prepared to place the plug in my ass, but first he placed in my mouth and told me to suck on it like a pacifier. After doing that he placed it in my ass, it popped out at first but then I realized I would have to hold it in place. "T" grabbed a handful of my hair pulled it off the bed and whispered in my ear, remember I love you.

Now from this point forward I don't remember the exact order of things, it all came fast and continuous. "T" helped me up and sat me in a chair (exposed, naked, blind folded with a butt plug) and then proceeded to tie me to the chair. Each of my legs were secured at the base and my arms to each side, my hands were to remain holding the chair sides. Last he had me open my mouth and then placed a rope in and tied it around my head. He came to the front and stuck his fingers in my pussy, you are so wet what a little slut you are (I mumbled Yes Sir but it didn't exactly come out that way and I sounded ridiculous). He took out my new nipple clamps (very first pair) and placed them on my nipples. They didn't hurt going on but as they stayed longer and as he pulled on them...well lets just say I remember.

After the nipple clamps he took out the Hitachi wand, sitting in front of me he turned on the wand and began to press it against my pussy. I remember thinking that it was like he was testing a new piece of equipment, like a scientist to see how it worked. Anyway he turned on the low setting and began to bring me to my first orgasm. After the first the others came faster and he would turn it off and then change it to high, the feeling was different from the first more intense. I don't even know if they were orgasms after a while they were just extremely intense feelings of being pushed further and further. At one point I heard myself and the noises I was making were like a foreign language. How long this went on I couldn't say. The nipple clamps came off at some point or they fell off?? but were immediately replaced. I didn't know whether to focus on the pain in my nipples or the waves being sent through my pussy or even the plug in my ass.

The complete loss of control was overwhelming and strangely comforting at the same time. I almost felt like I was having an out of body experience, floating up and watching what was happening. Eventually "T" stopped, untied me but left on the blindfold. He helped me over onto the bed and had my lie face down. I thought it was over but then I felt some type of whip coming down on my ass.

to be continued...

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  1. O, that's lovely. If I weren't so delighted for you, I'd be absolutely jealous. But I'm glad you're enjoying...