Part II

I am going to be perfectly honest, so much happened I can't remember all of it with clarity. After "T" untied me from the chair and lay me across the bed he took out a whip. I couldn't see what it was because I still had the blindfold on but it felt like one that had pieces of leather hanging from it. He hit me but I don't know how long but I do remember thinking that he favors one side over the other. I know he fucked me from behind and I got fucked in the ass. Oh yeah and in between he just rested on me watching TV and at some point he took off the blindfold. Later I was allowed to take a shower and clean up. When I tried to get into bed I was ordered to remove my nightgown (very sternly, to remind me whose in charge).

I can remember feeling submissive from the moment I received the text, which made me content for the rest of the weekend. Today I felt it all day, even just remembering the way he exerted his authority over me just satisfies me.

The last part of that night was him telling me to suck his cock. This was by far the most difficult for me. I love to do it but this wasn't just about that, it was about making me gag. Pushing my head down so far at times that I could feel vomit coming up in my throat. By the end of this I was crying and despondant. I know he tried to comfort me but I don't remember much after that. I think he ended up fucking me but I really don't remember it all. I know he did wake up in the morning, rolled over and made love to me.

The next night he allowed me to suck his cock again (after watching Nascar) and it was so much better. He told me to kiss his legs, stomach, etc. and I took liberties afterwards to suck his cock. He ended up coming in my mouth and it was beautiful, I went to sleep happy. 

This was a great weekend, even though I can't recall total details. When "T" exerts his dominance over me it feels good but I also just enjoy the vanilla stuff too. I need balance, I'm a Libra.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! hugs, aisha

  2. Thanks for sharing. It sounded lilke quite a weekend. Does he have any plans for you on Valentine's Day?