Random Tuesday Thoughts

"T" has decided that I am not allowed to touch myself for sexual pleasure. Sometimes as he is fucking me I think about touching myself - nipples or clit but I look up at him and I don't. Another reminder that my body is for his pleasure.

We talked about opening the door and how I consistently forget at least once a week, like the other night. Then I mentioned how I had read about how some subs intentionally forget. He told me that if I ever intentionally did something he would be angry and there would be an appropriate punishment (but it didn't sound like fun kind). I asked him if he thought we should have a punishment and he said he used orgasm denial. So I asked if I always remembered would I be rewarded...he said it depended on how he felt.

We also spoke about how what we do would be considered kinky but when I think about what we do I don't see it that way. Then he said if I were to tell you to come to my work right now and blow me...you would. Sure I would and he said well others would find that to be kinky, point taken. We both agreed that we probably fell between the middle of vanilla and extreme.

I was reading Aisha's wonderful story The Cock today about pleasuring without using hands at first. I pictured myself in front of "T's" cock as I held my head just inches away waiting for permission to taste him. About how there was no race to make him cum, enjoying savoring the feel and taste.

I was listening to the radio this morning and one of the personalities always talks about how he very rarely has sex with his wife. How she would have been angry if he asked for it when he came home from watching the superbowl. I feel sorry for people who are in relationships like that. What kind of marriage is it if you are afraid of upsetting your wife if you ask for sex, why would you stay together.


  1. I love the way you let us into your thoughts and relationship...


  2. "What kind of marriage is it if you are afraid of upsetting your wife if you ask for sex, why would you stay together."

    Hmmm, I could write books on that in response! I love my wife to bits, married for 30 years and still totally 'in love', total soul mates, best buddies etc. etc. The only area where we differ is in our sexuality or 'kinkiness'.

    A wonderful marriage doesn't necessarily need common views on sex and we are living proof! Yes, I find it very frustrating sometimes but, despite her stereo-typical ultra conservative views on sex (an unpleasant act to be endured to beget children)I will always be hers and she, mine

    It is intrigueing, even unbelievable to some, but relationships can be very complex and very varied and what works for some won't for others.

    Hmm I feel another blog post in the making :)

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