Text Message

Bring the toy bag so we can use it, yes Sir.
Make sure you are freshly showered and in a skirt no panties, yes Sir.
This is the message I just received. The first part made my heart skip a beat, the second got me excited and scared (which I will talk about why later).

I am heading to the shower...


  1. I'm not sure what it is about a text that carries such a profound message, but I hear you. I once served a mistress, that would text me an hour before service and request odd things...asiago cheese...a certain bottle of wine...etc. I would get so flustered and nervous about being late. A well sent text can definitely raise awareness and heighten expectation...especially when disappointing your owner is NOT an option.

  2. Perhaps it is the immediacy of a text - when that beep goes off there's a kind of intrusive insistant command for attention. I curse if I find it is work related and smile otherwise :)
    Hope you enjoyed the shower :)