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"....what she doesn't understand about me (something I have had my whole life) is once I'm done, I'm done. This switch flips in my head and there's no going back, I used it with my ex-husband and several boyfriends. I think of it as a protection of sorts for my emotional well being, like a shield."
I wrote this post last year after ending a tryst I had, funny I never thought I would be doing it again. I haven't flipped that switch yet, working on it. I told my friend today that it will be easier once I get my things returned to me, then I can really put an end to it. Oh wait don't forget about facebook, lol. I will have to change my status back to single, OMG the questions. That's the one thing I am not looking forward to, the questions from friends & family. What happened? I have only shared with a few very close friends. It hasn't seemed quite real. I still feel shocked, even today.

So my plan is to get my things back, change the FB status and post a new dating profile...ok well maybe not the last one quite yet. But I am working on it.

This cartoon (which makes me laugh out loud when I see it) is exactly how I feel - I'm Charlie Brown.
All I need is Lucy to say Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah. :)

Thanks for all the responses to my previous post, I will definately look up each of you that provided me with a name for Fet Life (soon).

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  1. I'm like that too! I can give someone a lot of space and time, but then - when I'm done, I'm done. And you'll feel it when the time's right and will get through it all. But you don't need me to tell you that.