Valentines Day

All week long my friends have been asking me the same question...what are you doing for Valentines Day? Well I couldn't very well tell them I won't know until "T" tells me. They would think I was crazy for waiting to know what he had planned. So I just said we really hadn't discussed it and left it at that, this will be our first Valentines together. They all were envious of me because this was our first VD together and they all think "T" is great, so they couldn't wait to hear about it. This morning "T" called me and said be ready to go out tonight, skirt and no panties. I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing, only that I am to be ready (could you imagine if I told that to my vanilla friends).

Of course being the planner that I am, I already knew what I was doing for "T" today. After I was done at the hospital I went over to Dairy Queen and picked up his favorite - butter finger blizzard. I took it to his house while he was at work and placed in the freezer with a card. He found it this afternoon and thought it was a wonderful thoughtful surprise.

I wrote this post this afternoon and I had planned to add to it but Valentines didn't work out for us.


  1. We all put so much pressure on this one little day.

    but I know that you celebrate each other every day -- and that's what's important


    (word verification was "poofict" - lol)

  2. SFP I thought the same but only time shall tell.

  3. Sorry it did not work out, but it is only another day, special times are more special when they are for no reason. abby

  4. awe sorry to hear that your special night together didnt work out but there will be others and just think He was able to enjoy your surprise that was left for Him.

    blossom x