Comments on the Comment

I started to comment on Chloe's Husband  comment on my posting yesterday but then it got to be too long and it turned into this.

I have been around those women who joke around with their friends about blow jobs for birthdays, cash, jewelry, etc. I have even seen them do it in front of their husbands, totally emasculating them. Chloe's Husband brought up that these are the men are hanging out in strip bars. Strippers know exactly how to treat a man, they make him feel special, they give him the validation that he's craving and he empties his pockets for them willingly.

Neo Dom also mentioned being at a party and the couples were sitting around talking and one of the wives spoke about she had strung her husband along for 17 years with the promise of a blow job. I would imagine these are the exact type of married men who contact me, looking for something they are not getting at home. But I would imagine they are not just looking for sex, the are looking for acceptance and respect. On the flip side I wonder how many women just wish their guy would just "man up" and take control of their relationship (a vanilla version of  a D/s situation).

I see friends & acquaintances that are in relationships treating each other with such contempt, covering it up jokes. Do they realize that they could have so much more with simple changes? Even in a vanilla relationship there can only be one dominant person.

Neo Dom once wrote on my blog: "As a very basic rule, men like to be respected, women simply like to be taken seriously, but they also like lots of affection".

So simple and yet so many relationships lack this basic principal. Do they go into the relationship like that or does it build up over time and they just don't realize it?


  1. So very true...

    IMHo i think a lot of couples go into it that way. Often it is lack of experience (not knowing what it can be like) or simply expecting things to progress "MAGICALLY" with time. Thus the ability to communicate ones wants and needs is of utmost importance, and as it is with any thing of great importance in our life, it does not come easily. It takes a tremendous amount of work, patience, tolerance and of course honesty.
    Just my opinion...

  2. Wow. I can't even comment cause I have way too many things to say. It might be a frigging book... Interesting stuff to think about...


  3. Well, Neo Dom may well be right in his basic rule, but, of course, everyone is different. My (very Happy) marriage is based on mutual respect and lots of affection (we both need this and we both give this)But neither of us ever take the other too seriously - we know each other too well for that! :)

  4. New reader here:

    Good post. I find is kinda sad that some women play those mind games and that some men fall for them or at least don't fight for it.

    Tis said when a relationship doesn't have these basic principles in place.