Double Life

I get up in the morning and drive my son to school. Then I get ready for work but not before checking my email to see if there's anything interesting waiting for me. A couple of replies to my ad - a man covered in latex with his weiner hanging out - not exactly something I want to see at 8 in the morning. Several photographers that would like to photograph submissive woman would I be interested, no. There is absolutely no reason to have naked pictures of myself out there, call me prude but being naked, I feel is something I save for the person I'm with. Plus I always tell my kids NO NAKED PHOTOS and NO TATTOS with names of girls/guys, its never ends well. Last year I wouldn't even let me son get his girlfriends name embroidered on a pair of sneakers he wanted to custom order, they broke up a couple of months later.

I go to work, see my clients, chat with my co-workers. Go to lunch with a friend for tea and sandwiches. I go home and make dinner for my son and sometimes even dinner for the next night. Then I sit down and chat with a man from Orlando and we end up in a conversation about talking dirty in bed & the term slut in the bedroom lady on the streeet, or whatever it is. I talk to a girlfriend about a break up she's going through. I answer a couple of emails from guys I am talking with and I make a date with the lawyer from a couple of weeks ago. Read a couple of blogs, make some comments then I get ready to settle in for the night after throwing in some laundry.

Today I commented on a posting by FloridaDom'sCorner  about marriage, sex and happiness. I have never been so confused about what is right and what is wrong within a relationship. I used to think it was so simple...1 man + 1 women and cheating was wrong.  But there are so many ways of cheating - physically, emotionally, online, inperson, etc. and it doesn't even just have to be sex. Some many people are un-fullfilled within their relationships for whatever reason, I can't tell you how many married or involved men approach me on a weekly basis.

The point of this is that sometimes I feel like I lead a double life and the lines in my life are blurring. I'm not saying its bad or good, just a noticable. At the age of 44 my life perceptions are changing right before my eyes and the only place I get to speak about openly is here, because even though I test the waters delicately, I don't believe my freinds are really ready to listen with an open mind.


  1. No,no BF, don't think of it as a 'double life' - that has so many unpleasant and negative connotations. Instead, view it as a 'multi faceted' life. Much more positive, much more intrigueing and, probably, much more honest too!!
    So, my fellow adventurer, Multi Faceted is is :)

  2. Yes, multi-faceted does sound better!

    And i know what you mean...


  3. Ok I can live with Multi-Faceted. But I still don't think my friends of family will appreciate the many facets of my life, lol!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog and it is a plus that on these blogs we are able to be candid and express our true feelings. And, yes, multi-Faceted is a good word to use.


  5. I can relate to much of what you say here BF. I feel that my friends and colleagues would not accept much of what is written on the blogs we all seem to read, and certainly not the dynamics of my marriage operates.

    Many husbands I know, appear brow-beaten and openly talk about how unhappy they are 'trapped' in a sexless marriage. These husbands seem to get their kicks in lap dancing clubs and by 'escaping' on male only wife free trips away. Chloe jokes with me about how many of her friends 'deny' their husbands sex unless they get a new handbag or holiday. I have no desire to live that life.

    I lurked the blogging community for a while and found much that helped me understand and nurture the dynamic that had developed naturally during the course of our marriage. I could not have found that wisdom elsewhere. So yes, multi-faceted is good in todays world.

    Best wishes