Good Dom Recipe

I signed up to FetLife and joined a few groups (as soon as I have time I will start friending people or whatever its called). Most of the discussions I ignore but this one caught my eye, its a great recipe. But just like any good recipe there is always something more to add...anybody?

A good Dom:

Takes His time, savours every moment.
Thinks ahead, plans what He wants to do, where He wants to go.
He makes a conscious effort to improve His skills, to become a Master.
Is the steadfast rock, never loses focus or control.
Watches His sub, reads her body, her expressions, her reactions.
Takes note of every sight, sound, taste, smell, texture and touch.
Takes total control in a respectful and reassuring way.
Does not allow his sub to hide, He knows her beauty and all of her little imperfections.
Understands how a woman's body works, and how to get the results He wants.
He communicates in explicit terms, before, during and after.
He claims ownership of his sub's body, for His use.
He shows respect and cares for his sub's body, health and mind.
He guides his sub to places she has never been before.
He cherishes her submission.
Thank you...sexysub72 


  1. O, that's nice. Is there room for a sense of humor?


  2. aisha--the sense of humor comes in with the sadist!

    All rolled into one, close to perfection!

  3. There is no such thing as perfection, just ask me LOL.
    Yes a sense of humor and a smile (even if sometimes its that wicked smile).

  4. I agree..sense of humor, for me, able to use writtin spoken language well, consistency. I must say, my Master scores high on this recipe!