Hair pulling

What started out as not a good day, ended this evening with me getting my hair pulled & my neck bitten. I am pretty sure there are some marks.

Late today I went for some therapy in the form of a pedicure with my friend. I knew she would pick up my mood. and while we were drying I recieved a message from "K". I had told him earlier that I had issues with our date Friday, since I haven't figured out how to be in two places at one time. We had been going back and forth about alternatives and the end result was we would get together around 930 tonight.

We met at a restaurant/bar that is really cute, decorated to look like a living room, with comfee couches & chairs. "K" got there first, so when I arrived he already had a couch for us to enjoy a drink and some live music. The begining reminded me of a vanilla date, slowly he kept moving closer to me, like he was trying not to scare an animal. I thought it was kind of cute, eventually he ended up putting his arm around me, petting my hair, touching my arm. All done very carefully to see if I accepted each touch, he said he liked the way I reacted. I laughed and said but I haven't done anything...oh yes you have with the smile & laugh (I could never fake either one of those). He asked me if I felt anything when he touched me, I shook my head yes - my whole body felt warm (not a reaction that I get from just anyone).

We talked about all types of subjects and very gently he eased into some not so vanilla subjects. Each time he brought up something he made sure I was comfortable and would move a little further. We talked about safe words, flogging, being able to read me, dominating in public, pushing limits (you know all the regular date stuff). He considers himself to more of a sensual D but I think he enjoys pain a little more than he lets on. He touched me and petted me as we listened to the music and he whispered in my ear about how the anticipation of the first kiss is so strong. He let me think about it for a while and then later he kissed me. Started off gentle and then as he seems to do when I respond he goes further. Good kissing is always a good sign to me and he passed the first test. I didn't realize it but it was almost midnight. He walked me out to my car, which was parked next to his.

"K" pushed me up against the car and began to stroke my hair. Soon my hair which he had so carefully pushed back was being pulled gently at first and when he did that I felt myself getting wet. There is something about my hair being pulled that just gets me going. Now you can't just pull the hair you have to know how to grab it the right way. So here we are kissing, pulling hair and then biting, no I would call it nipping.  He began on my neck and chest area and that's when I started moaning, I know this because I hear it but I couldn't stop it. I heard someone walk by us, but I was in this zone and I really I didn't care if they heard me. That's how it was in the bar, I forget there are other people around us.

The scene at the car was very intense so I figured this would be a good time to see how he reacted after. He was still holding me but not kissing me anymore, he was watching me. I felt like I was weak so I put my head down towards his chest and he pulled me in and held me, stroking my hair. I needed to know if he would be able to care for me after something intense and I was relieved that he was able to give me exactly what I needed.

After a couple of minutes he asked me if I was still free tomorrow night, yes. He said he would call me tomorrow. I realized later that he never touched any of the stuff that a vanilla date would go for on a date, like breasts. Which makes me think that its going to be very intense when it does happen.

This is just what I needed, he is not LTR material because he travels a lot, but I could definately see him as a D & friend.


  1. Hey - "told you so" :)

  2. sbf.........ohhhhhhhhhh promising.
    Bet you cant wait for the next one

  3. Glad you difficult day had such a lovely ending!


  4. Yes Clive you did tell me so, lol!

  5. AHS yes extremely hot and very promising. I woke up this morning thinking about what had happened, I can still feel him on my neck, purrrr.

  6. Aish, it was just what the Dr. ordered, thank you.

  7. So happy to hear things are looking up for you :)

  8. Thank you SLO. I checked out your blog and took the submissive test. Came out as a Slave, mmmm I think it's flawed, lol.

  9. I love that new exciting feeling potential brings! And bravo, beautifully written :)

  10. New nice! Well writtien...good luck!