I'd like to buy a vowel

So "R" called me and we spoke, details came out that I wasn't exactly thrilled about. Such as he is 54 and only been divorced for 6 months. The age thing I can work with because he doesn't look or act 54, but the 6 months divorced thing is an issue. Through experience I have a policy not to get involved with someone who hasn't been divorced for at least a year. I know some would disagree but after a divorce or being widowed people need time to re-group and I don't want to be the rebound person. We are supposed to meet for coffee on Sunday but I think I am probably going to cancel.

"S" wants to meet for coffee Friday morning. He is a guy who I had contact with last year when I first started this process. I had to cancel a first date with him and he wrote back saying I was a fake. The second time I posted an ad he responded again but I told him no, that he was mean to me and I didn't appreciate it. He apologized but I still said no. Now here he is again, so we will see. One sign of anything similar to that and he's out for good.

"J" and I have a lunch date on Saturday, he also found me on a vanilla dating site (which at first I thought was weird, but then I realized I probably would have done the same thing), I feel like I have seen his profile before. The good thing was at least my friend the serial dater hasn't been out with him.

I think "B" is out just because he doesn't respond in a timely manner to the point of being rude.

There is another guy "J" #2 but he seems like a flake, so he's probably headed to the no column.

I woke this morning to have a very unusual email from a soldier in Afghanistan (with pic) and he wanted to start something long distance so he would have someone to come home to. I felt guilty saying no because I respect and feel bad for him being over there but I can't do long distance, I need (deserve) more.


  1. love the title of this post.. hilarious!

    totally agreed on the 1 year divorced rule...

    it's amazing how many choices you have for yourself so quickly.. good for you!! (and best of luck!)


  2. KK you can thank Clive for the title idea.
    I am sure as you know, choices are easy to find but finding someone who is compatible is the challenge. But I am sure going to have fun looking. I have learned alot since starting this journey last year.

  3. LOL and still no Vowels - you will be 'tongue tied'. Hmmm, that sounds a fun variation on the theme :)
    Good to see the choices are coming along - choose slowly xxx

  4. ok - going to offer some unsolicited advice

    If he was a jerk before?

    he's like to still be a jerk

    unless there's something else that's made him change

    but he'll make for good blogging


    hugs sweetie -- me too - this stuff is hard.


  5. Yeah, it's interesting. Sounds like you know what you're doing - cool!


  6. Sounds like you are having fun. Don't feel guilty about saying no to the guy in Afghanistan...not a good way to start!.
    Enjoy your search for a vowel.