Very interesting day, my inbox was flooded so Jeffrey (cat) and I had plenty to read. After exchanging emails it was narrowed down to only a couple. "J" who I initially turned down because of distance but as I was deleting pictures on my phone his caught my eye. Maybe I didn't look at it the first time but with my new mind set decided to give him a chance. We have been chatting all evening on and off. He has asked the right amount of vanilla questions and is now moving to the other side.

"S" who I had exchanged emails with last year but we never got together, he wrote and asked for a second chance...what did we have to lose. So I said OK, its just coffee what can it hurt.

There is one creepy guy (retired law enforcement) who keeps asking me if I am working today, gee I wonder what he's thinking.

"B" who I also spoke with last year, he's very cultured and little goofy but he lives far.

So right now I have J, S, R & B.


  1. Not quite there yet - you need some vowels :)

  2. Cool - working your way through the alphabet... {grins}