Loving Life

I have been laying low after my run in with the married guy AGAIN, but now I'm back. I've made a new friend "M" (check out her blog The Empty Collar) and have been enjoying her advice on meeting D's. She turned me on to CM (thesubmissivebf) and I have been having fun. There are some very interesting profiles out there, lol. She also told me how to block the ones I don't want, which came in handy - tell me why the past always turns up like a bad penny. Since "M" has been at this longer than me not only does she have words of wisdom but she has run accross some of the same D's that have been contacting me. It's like having someone on the inside and I love it.

A friend who knows some of my tastes sent me this video today and I have been laughing ever since. I hope I link this correctly so you can enjoy the Rabbits. Hope everyone is have a wonderful day, here in South FL its a sunny 82 degrees and its gorgeous out today.


  1. haha yes i have issued the warnings ... smiles... please do not blame me!!! All i can ask is you keep an open mind, and your wits about you, and when it becomes too burdensome, turn it off, Step away, take a few breaths, and collect yourself before returning. But mean while have some fun too...

  2. You be careful on CM, BF it can be a bit of a 'meat market'! As Histoy says, keep your wits, be prepared to switch off, but have fun xxx

  3. Hi, I'm a Chicago guy who's coming to Miami this week to see the Sony Erickson tennis tournament on Key Biscayne. I thought I'd drop you a note to see if you want to have dinner, lunch, join me to watch some tennis...or maybe just recomendend a place to stay. I've always thought highly of women and treat them with the respect they deserve. Let me know.

  4. Good luck on CM - I pop on for a little bit, then hide my profile. I've met some great people and on there, and avoided meeting some not so great ones. I'm at the point now that when i come out of hiding, there are folks that message me like we're old friends... it's kinda nice. But i was talking to someone today, im'ing on yahoo, who kind of worries me... so be careful.