Not very submisive

This has been a crazy week and my thoughts haven't been where they usually are - in the submissive zone. Between work, kids, car & fridge I've just had other things on my mind. Hard to be submissive when you have to take care of everything.

"S" who I met for coffee a couple of weeks ago contacted me. He had been going out of town right after our meeting for business. He felt a connection and wanted to see where it would lead. I didn't feel anything but sometimes I wonder if I make the right choices in men, so I told him OK. He called me and we spoke, exchanged a couple of text messages and he said we would get together this weekend. However I am not a girl who waits around for a man to call, so when he text me (which is another issue, don't text man up and call for a date) at 8:30pm to ask if I was free to see him - I told him I had already made other plans (true I was out to dinner). If he repeats this again tonight then I am not interested, I deserve to be treated with respect.

"K" text me during the week, said he wanted to tie me up and spank me, could I be there at 3pm. No sorry, right in the middle of a work day. Sounded interesting but also a little frightening, the more I think about it the more I think he's a sadist and I've only seen the very edge of what he wants to do.

Then to my surprise yesterday, as I was dealing with my broken refrigerator (leaking all over the floor), the other "K" called me. He blocked his number so I didn't know who it was. I mean WTF! I recognized his voice and told him I don't want to speak with him & hung up. I don't get it, he's married and I've asked him numerous times to leave me alone. He's going to keep pushing me and leave me no choice but to doing something drastic. On the flip side I was contacted by another man (married, in a bad relationship, blah blah blah) that wants to meet, well that's not going to happen. I thought a married guy would be easy, no hassle, no strings. The best part is he was worried about me becoming too attached to him, not the other way around.

Now I am going to empty out my freezer because I just realized that the food is starting to smell, yuck. Maybe tomorrow after my new fridge arrives, I will be able to focus on other things. Even better maybe the deliver guy will be a D, lol - feeling better already.


  1. We sure gotta kiss a lotta frogs...


  2. So many little time!
    Fingers crossed for the delivery man.

  3. The delivery guy? LOL, that's a great one. You have an active imagination.

  4. Ok so the delivery guy wasn't a D, but a girl can dream. He did bring me a refrigerator and that brought joy to my life.
    So many frogs, I mean Dom' little time.

  5. LOL...i happen to collect frogs, but not Dom's...sorry. Hope you find the prince!